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    Roast Chicken with Carrots

    Roast Chicken with Carrots, roasted whole chicken in an oven-proof skillet, surrounded by carrots and garlic, and stuffed with lemon and thyme. Photography Credit: Sally Vargas Whole roast chicken makes such a lovely presentation for dinner, doesn’t it? Whether it’s for guests or an easy weeknight family meal. This roast chicken recipe takes little time […] LEGGI TUTTO

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    Arroz con Tocino (Puerto Rican Rice with Salt Pork)

    Puerto Rican Arroz con Tocino is such an easy weeknight meal. It’s made with rice and salt pork (or bacon!) and topped with a fried egg. You can also eat this for breakfast! Photography Credit: Marta Rivera In my husband and late mother’s native Puerto Rico, rice dishes are a staple. Growing up, my mother […] LEGGI TUTTO

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    Mom’s Ground Turkey and Peppers

    The mother of ground turkey recipes, this 1-pot family classic is quick and easy! Sautéed ground turkey with onions, garlic, bell peppers, and seasoned with chipotle chili. Photography Credit: Elise Bauer Mom’s Ground Turkey and Peppers I’m smiling as I write this. Why? Because there is no dish that reminds me more of my mother […] LEGGI TUTTO

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    Sous Vide Chicken and Broccoli

    Hate dry, overcooked chicken? Sous vide is the way to go! This method makes juicy, tender chicken every time. Pair it with sous vide broccoli for easy make-ahead lunches and dinners! This is a really basic, starter recipe for new sous vide cooks. The chicken alone is worth trying, because it’s great in salads, soups, […] LEGGI TUTTO

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    Beef Stroganoff

    An easy beef stroganoff recipe with tender strips of beef and mushrooms cooked in sour cream and served over noodles. Made with the best beef stroganoff sauce. Photography Credit: Elise Bauer Oh Beef Stroganoff—the ultimate comfort food! To make it, we sauté tender strips of beef and mushrooms in butter, then swirl with sour cream to […] LEGGI TUTTO

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    Roasted Chicken Thighs with Fennel and Orange

    Roast chicken, fennel, and orange come together in this makes a bright, flavorful one-pot skillet dinner. Serve it with rice, farro, or barley for an easy meal. Photography Credit: Aaron Hutcherson Although this chicken with fennel and orange is great any time of the year, it’s especially welcoming toward the end of winter when you’re […] LEGGI TUTTO